Giving Online, It’s Easier Than You Think.

By April 7, 2015Blog

At Lord’s Church LA, we embrace new technology! We think that if Jesus was walking the earth today, he would use relevant tools and technology to communicate his message effectively. After all, he was a carpenter and was known to use unconventional means to get his point across! We think it’s important that God’s house be a place of excellence. That is why we have implemented new tools at Lord’s Church LA to make things like giving, signing up to be a part a class, signing up to join a group, and registering for an event, simple, easy and accessible.

Giving With Church Community Builder

If you have not yet noticed on our website, we have a new login feature under the Give category on our header menu. This will bring you to our NEW LCLA Church Community Builder software. It’s easy to go on and create your own profile with your own password and keep current with upcoming events and all the small groups LCLA has to offer, 24 hours a day! To get started, go to the GIVE icon in the upper left and click. Then go to the login button and click then just click on the “sign up” button and fill it out along with your email address and you will receive an activation email shortly. You can also set up reoccurring giving along with one time gifts. We want everyone to be a part of this, as it will help our church continue to grow and move forward. Our goal is to see our whole church connecting on Church Community Builder. We believe firmly that it is a relevant tool that will facilitate the growth of God’s kingdom through our church.

In the month of April we will be having the Men’s BBQ event serving Patti’s famous Meat Bean Cheese burritos. They are DELICIOUS so don’t miss out! If you want to RSVP which is appreciated please email or see Paul Padilla. The best thing about this event is its totally free so bring a friend. Paul will have the location and all the details.

Lords Church LA is a place where everyone can worship in spirit and in truth.


Pastor Jason Phillips