Why We Celebrate With Trunk R Treat

By October 14, 2015Blog
Halloween Trunk R Treat October 25th 2015, Lords Church LA, Pastor Jason Phillips, Church In Bellflower CA

No matter what you do around Halloween, you are going to have people who complain, “Why is a church celebrating Halloween?” or “Why would a church have a celebration of the devil?”

A Moment Of Clarity

Well, just to set the record straight, LCLA’s Trunk R Treat event has absolutely nothing to do with celebrating Satan but has everything to do with bringing people to Jesus who would otherwise never set foot into a church and show them that Christians can have a great time too. While that happens we get the opportunity to present the Gospel in songs and worship and in the very way we enjoy ourselves that morning. For we give Joy and thanks to Jesus Christ in everything we do. We see Trunk R Treat as a 21st Century form of evangelism.

What Trunk R Treat Is:

Trunk R Treat at LCLA provides a safe, fun-filled environment where parents and their children have good wholesome fun. In basic terms, it’s an outreach to the un-churched. Everything we do at the LCLA is to celebrate Jesus and what he has done for us. There is always going to be people who seem to see Satan around every corner. I like what one minister said, “Satan shouldn’t be ignored but he’s not our focus.”

Our identity at the LCLA is based in the transforming ability that can only come from knowing Jesus. Where Jesus becomes first in our lives and we become agents for winning people to Jesus. There couldn’t be a better time than to show the community what that looks like on October 25th at our Trunk R Treat event.

Final Thought…

There is always going to be people that have issues with Easter eggs, Christmas trees and so on… So come on out to the LCLA and worship with us, because at the LCLA everyone can worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

Pastor Jason